The South Carolina Human Services Provider, Inc. (SCHSP) consists of a network of providers who support individuals with intellectual, head and spinal cord injuries and autism throughout South Carolina.
As an association we represent over 25,000 individuals and their families who receive supports through members of the SCHSP.
In addition, we employ more than 6,000 individuals in South Carolina and manage over $251 million dollars in State and Federal allocations.


  • In supporting individuals in the least restrictive environment with a focus on community inclusion and participation;
  • In providing individualized supports that maximizes the potential of each person;
  • In developing and fostering partnerships with each other, as well as State and Federal agencies to develop cost effective quality models of support;
  • In providing opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to have the opportunity to work and obtain gainful employment in their communities;
  • In fostering natural supports through families and friends and other community resources;
  • In creating environments that support innovation by sharing and learning from each other and by reaching out beyond our local boarders to learn about new and best practice models of service.


To provide a network of professional support for its member organizations, which focuses on the delivery of quality supports for people with lifelong disabilities. The areas of focus include advocacy, resource allocation , technical support , training, and education.